• Shadow-Devilishmind

    Hello. You may know me as Devilishmind, Shadow-Lerooy etc. Or you may know me as the horrible scumbag who screwed up all his chances. Well, this is my way of saying goodbye. I previously said it on the thread that Tovorok, NightFalcon and others said on my wall. But I feel that this is my best way to say I'm done here and to show that my farewell on that thread was NOT an April Fools' joke.. I've fucked up on Wikia way too much so this is my farewell blog. And I do mean it this time. I wont come back ever again. My time is done. But I want to thank everyone who supported me for the last 2 years but now its time to move on before I fuck up again. This account will be terminated by Wikia to show that this is the end of the demon that ruined …

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