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    Ramen Rap

    July 22, 2015 by Razzyfilms

    My name's Mega O and I'm rhyming bout top ramen

    This aint a tribute to Francis, I'm just straight up ballin!

    It just isn't common, To see all these noodles coming it's stunning!

    That pile of wheat zig zags I just keep loving!

    The broth is so tasty, And lately, I've been lazy,

    And drinking this dainty, spicy, juice has been getting my mind racing!

    I'm always crazy, and this soup is getting me hazy, And JESUS, my skin is flakey!

    I think I just might have the infection of the soup!

    I Need a doctor, Not just some asprin in a test tube!

    I need a rescue! PLEASE, DUDE!!!! Come on, you're not that rude? Are You UGGGH!

    Oh man... it was just a ramen dream...

    Actually, I think it was just the perfect ramen scheme!

    No, I'm not going to ruin my self esteem, just b…

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