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    1,025 films. 450 down, 575 more to go. I built this list in late 2012, and I have been working on seeing these movies ever since. I've been doing about 2 per day since the beginning of this year. the "(xvc" mark after the film tells me that I have seen the film.

    Seen: 450 (October 13)

    1. Apollo 13 (xvc

    2. Clueless (xvc

    3. Waterworld (xvc

    4. Something To Talk About (xvc

    5. Dangerous Minds (2.99 on Google Play)

    6. Mortal Kombat (xvc

    7. Desperado (xvc

    8. The Prophecy (2.99 on Google Play)

    9. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (xvc

    10. Clockers (xvc

    11. Seven (xvc

    12. Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (2.99 on Google Play)

    13. Assassins

    14. How to Make an American Quilt (2.99 on Google Play)

    15. Get Shorty (2.99 on Google Play)

    16. Powder (2.…

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    I lazily coasted on my bike at 3 AM, the emptiest hour of night, in the artificial glow of the iconic Lodi Arch.

    I did not notice the train as it approached. The sound of it did not register with me. But I could not ignore the flashing arm of the crossing gate as it bowed upon the chariot's approach. A thought bounced out of the depths of my mind as I realized this train could deliver me to a place of peace that I had long been waiting for.

    I wondered if I had time to catch it.

    I jolted forward on my bicycle hoping to get to the tracks before the train did. I was too slow. I slammed on my breaks just feet away from the rampaging thing. I forced myself to stay just feet away from its line of fire. I forced myself to inch forward little by litt…

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    Regarding my block

    January 23, 2015 by Nikki Lee 1999

    Over one year ago, I was responsible for a particularly bad spree of vandalism on the ERB wiki. From December 2013 to April 2014, I was sockpuppeting and creating mischief. I know I have apologized for it before, but I’d like to reiterate, that I am very sorry. If I could go back, and not do the things I did, I would.

    In April of 2014, that sockpuppetry ended and kept myself to one account. I was a good user, who fixed pages, kept the wiki neat, and did what she could to make people feel comfortable on the wiki and amend social situations. I proved in those five months that I could stick to one account and be an upstanding user and an asset to the community.

    In September, I was discovered and blocked. The block was set for two years. Unlike …

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    The new Five Stars is not going to refer to Five Users like Four Stars does. It's going to refer to Five Clans/Sects/Tribes/Groups whatever. It's going to be a sort of game.

    First, we need a base membership of 20 people. Sign up in the comments. As long as you are one of the first 20 to sign up, sign up order doesn't matter.

    If you see this and all 20 spots are taken, don't worry. You can sign up later in a different way.

    1. Nikki
    2. Nail
    3. Mini
    4. Mocker
    5. Tov
    6. Mind
    7. Random
    8. Night
    9. Joe
    10. Legion
    11. GG
    12. Kurai
    13. Killer
    14. Lerooy
    15. Andrew
    16. Flare
    17. DWAS
    18. Tkid
    19. Grinch
    20. BreZ

    I won't be actively advertising this blog, so it could be a while before 20 people sign up. Feel free to let word of this blog spread if you want.

    After 20 people have signed up, they will pick 5 people other than themselves to be le…

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