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    This is a parody of the popular MLP video known as SHED.MOV, if you have interest, watch it here (

    No harm is intended towards anybody involved within this parody, this is mainly for comedy. Also this has gore and porn in it, but that's normal for ERB Wiki related content. So ye, let's get down to business.

    {Our story begins during the Meat attacks of 11/5. As he rampages, we come upon CaveJohnson333, who has just recieved a wiki badge, unaware of Meat coming closer to him, which his companions, Kungfuguy and Metal are, panicking quite clearly)

    Jack: Look guys! I finally got a Lucky Badge! I got a Lucky Badge guys!

    {The other two flee seeing Meatholl rush straight at them.}

    Jack: Guys, where are you a…

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