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  • I was born on September 3
  • My occupation is The only editor of the A Song of Ice and Fire Wiki
  • I am A much better human being than all who stand before me
  • Joeaikman

    GIR Life vs The Wiki Part 2

    November 14, 2015 by Joeaikman

    Scott Pilgrim = GIR

    Ramona Flowers = Drakan95

    Knives Chau = Alanomaly

    Members of Sex Bob-Omb = Night, Metal, Flats and Kit

    Wallace Wells = ROA

    Stacey Pilgrim = Dean624

    Stacey's Boyfriend = Bobdave

    Wallace's Boyfriend = Leandro

    Julie Powers = TheDarkLordOfDarkness

    2nd Wikian = Reignic

    Stunt Team = Scraw, Meat and Gliscor

    Envy Adams = Mystical Trixter

    *ROA and GIR are entering a nightclub together*

    GIR: So then Mabel was like...

    ROA: I get it, GIR. Let's not talk abut it to your siste, alriht?

    GIR: Wouldn't she find it interesting?

    ROA: No

    GIR: She might do

    ROA: She won't

    GIR: Oh

    *They approach two people stood at the bar*

    ROA: Yu, didnt tell me you were bringging someone

    Dean: His name is Bob! He likes Pokemon too!

    Bob: Yeah, I thought you said Loyg would be here …

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  • Joeaikman

    *What follows is a fanmade parody. The characters personalities do not necessarily represent their real life personalities*

    Scott Pilgrim = GIR 5 Life

    Ramona Flowers = Drakan95

    Knives Chau = Alanomaly

    Sex Bob-Omb members = The Flatwoods Monster, MetalFire, NightFalcon9004 and Kitana Oasis Black

    First Ex= CaveJohnson333

    *GIR is at a meeting with the rest of Sex Bobomb*

    GIR: Can we play the PM song?

    Flats: Not again. Please God.

    GIR: *singing* oooooh, Flats PM, Night PM, Metal PM tooooo

    Flats: Make it stop

    Night: My ears...

    Metal: I don't know why I'm here!

    GIR: Kit PM, Grav PM, Alan PM, woooo

    Flats: Who the fuck is Alan?

    Night: GIR's new boyfriend

    Flats: How the fuck did you get a boyfriend?

    Kit: GIR is a pretty romantic fellow

    Night: Believe me. I've seen the…

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  • Joeaikman

    Joe's Usage of this Wiki

    October 30, 2014 by Joeaikman

    Ohai random people who thought they could just walk in on this wiki I was using.

    I see you have designed a "new Five Stars". Well I'm here to tell you this won't last. I will choose to ignore you and carry on my daily life here, using this wiki to write my battles and make sure my coding is correct. I would please request that you do not vandalise any page that belongs to me or do anything that will interfere with my activities

    Thank you for invading.


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