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  • I live in non
  • My occupation is occupate
  • I am barely on wikia anymore
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    Stuff Hurtheal

    January 31, 2015 by Epicnail

    A puppy wins!

    Justin Bieber killed 2/3/15 by NightFalcon9004

    Vanillish killed 2/5/15 by Baby GG

    A toilet killed 2/7/15 by DudeWithASuit

    Corn Flakes killed 2/8/15 by Epicnail

    The rough side of a sponge killed 2/8/15 by Tigerisnormal

    The letter U killed 2/11/15 by NightFalcon9004

    Lottery ticket killed 2/14/15 by DudeWithASuit

    Wikia's new navbar killed 2/21/15 by TheEyeOfAllEyes

    A cup of coffee killed 2/23/15 by Baby GG

    Frosted Flakes killed 2/27/15 by NightFalcon9004

    A stapler killed 3/1/15 by Baby GG

    Bill Nye killed 3/11/15 by Hankaichou

    A cheeseburger killed 3/12/15 by Hankaichou

    Wii U killed 3/12/15 by Tigerisnormal

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    Best hurt heal ever

    September 28, 2014 by Epicnail

    Canada always wins.

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