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List of upcomming suggestions for NightFalcon9004's rap battle series.


  1. Tom and Jerry vs Wile E. Coyote and Roadrunner (this will only be made as an unofficial one)
  2. Peter Griffin vs Homer Simpson
  3. GIR vs BMO
  4. Bugs Bunny vs Discord
  5. Phineas and Ferb vs Mac and Bloo
  6. Ash Ketchum vs Yugi Muto
  7. Jimmy Neutron vs Dexter
  8. Bob the Builder vs Handy Manny
  9. George Jetson vs Fry
  10. Lazlo vs Rocko
  11. Danny Phantom vs Ben Tennyson
  12. Flame Princess vs Princess Azula
  13. Ed, Edd n Eddy vs Yakko, Wakko and Dot
  14. Johnny Bravo vs Quagmire
  15. Speed Racer vs Rainbow Dash
  16. Grunkle Stan vs Mr. Krabs
  17. Atom Ant vs The Tick


  1. Samurai Jack vs Leonardo (suggested by BackToTheFuturama86 and Stofferex)
  2. Numbah One vs Tommy Pickles (suggested by BackToTheFuturama86)
  3. Daffy Duck vs Donald Duck
  4. Captain Planet vs Harvey Birdman
  5. Mordecai and Rigby vs Beavis and Butthead
  6. Light Yagami vs Lelouch Lamperouge
  7. Grape Ape vs Clifford the Big Red Dog
  8. Squidward Tentacles vs Benson
  9. Optimus Prime vs Voltron
  10. Winnie the Pooh vs Yogi Bear (original idea by Loygansono55)
  11. Patrick Star vs Goofy
  12. Dr. Doofenshmirtz vs Mr. Crocker
  13. Space Ghost vs Freakazoid
  14. He-Man vs Lion-O
  15. Omi vs Aang
  16. Stan Smith vs Sterling Archer
  17. Arnold vs Arthur (suggested by BackToTheFuturama86)
  18. Mabel Pines vs Pinkie Pie
  19. Princess Bubblegum vs Strawberry Shortcake
  20. Eric Cartman vs Stewie Griffin
  21. Jonny Quest vs Johnny Test
  22. Tintin vs Dipper Pines
  23. Spongebob Squarepants vs Popeye
  24. Fred Flintstone vs Captain Caveman (suggested by BackToTheFuturama86)
  25. Bender vs Inspector Gadget (suggested by BackToTheFuturama86)
  26. Powerpuff Girls vs Alvin and the Chipmunks (suggested by BackToTheFuturama86 and Four4)
  27. Fat Albert vs Cleveland Brown
  28. Sandy Cheeks vs Applejack
  29. Princess Celestia and Luna vs Starfire and Raven
  30. Huckleberry Hound vs Jake the Dog
  31. Mojo Jojo vs Plankton
  32. Timmy Turner vs Twilight Sparkle
  33. Marceline vs Mona the Vampire
  34. Pink Panther vs Snagglepuss
  35. Beetlejuice vs The Mask
  36. Mandark vs Dib
  37. Rocky and Bullwinkle vs Woody Woodpecker
  38. Garfield vs Sylvester (suggested by Loygansono55, surprise ending by me)
  39. Scooby-Doo vs Courage the Cowardly Dog (original idea by TKandMit)
  40. Richie Rich vs Gumball Watterson
  41. Skips vs Magilla Gorilla
  42. Bart Simpson vs Dennis the Menace
  43. Ren and Stimpy vs Cow and Chicken
  44. Casper vs Beetlejuice
  45. Astro Boy vs Robotboy
  46. Krusty the Clown vs Jojo the Clown
  47. Wander vs Flapjack
  48. Brian Griffin vs Mr. Peabody
  49. Rudy Tabootie vs Steven Universe
  50. Papa Smurf vs Mr. Magoo
  51. Chowder vs Meatwad
  52. Jenny Wakeman vs Atomic Betty
  53. Eliza Thornberry vs Adam Lyon (suggested by Loygansono55, I think)
  54. Doug Funnie vs Charlie Brown
  55. Comic Book Guy vs Owen
  56. Underdog vs Hong Kong Phooey (suggested by Four4)
  57. Betty Boop vs Smurfette (suggested by BackToTheFuturama86)
  58. Dora and Boots vs Jesse and James (suggested by BackToTheFuturama86)
  59. Beast Boy vs Jake Long
  60. Grim Reaper vs Flying Dutchman
  61. Finn the Human vs Inuyasha
  62. Korra vs Kim Possible
  63. Fluttershy vs Eduardo
  64. CatDog vs Pinky and the Brain
  65. Invader Zim vs Marvin the Martian
  66. Naruto vs Goku
  67. Mickey Mouse vs Mighty Mouse

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