Josef Aikman
Character Information
Full name Josef Aikman
Nickname(s) Joey, Jewey, Jelly
Born 3rd September 1997
Physical description
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown
Location Information
City of Residence Leeds
Country of Origin Great Britain
In a Relationship Yes


Joe in all his long haired glory

Joeaikman is a member of the Five Stars Wiki. He is the fifth person to join and is one of the Main Five members.


Joe was born on Planet Earth in 1997. He didn't breathe for a minute after being born, presumably because he had been silenced by his awesomeness. His childhood pet Charlie ran away and definitely didn't die ;-;

Joe recounts his proudest and greatest moments as the days he won a football tournament, came first in a county wide geography competition and came 63rd in the national geography ranking and the day he ate 17 courses of Chinese food at an all you can eat buffet.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Josef displays several different superhuman features and abilities.

  • Endurance: Joe displays an above natural resistance to criticism and can withstand pressures that would make most humans snap.
  • Extreme Heat: Joe can become extremely hot, causing some of the hearts near him to melt.
  • Flight granting: Being in the presence of Joe Aikman may cause some people to feel as if they are flying.

Joe's PlaylistEdit

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